How to Keep Your Desires & Goals on Track with a Journal

Keeping a journal will keep you focused. Staying focused will help you to manifest your desires and goals! 


When we write down our feelings, keep them safe, private, and stored, then return to re-read them later, something magical happens.


Actually, the magic is the science of inner workings of the human mind.

Researchers, scientist and experts alike, all agree that putting our feelings & emotions & thoughts into words clarifies, defines, as well as, makes things that are otherwise confusing, understood.


Need proof? Try this quick test:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil or crayon.
  2. Set your iPhone’s stop-watch to 30 seconds.
  3. Write down all the things in nature, that you like…such as sunshine, soft summer rain, flowers, etc.
  4. Write as quickly as you can, and spend only 30 seconds to do this!

Bright_IdeaHow fast can you list 20 things? 


Test Results: 

Now that you’ve done that, how do you feel? 

How did you feel as  you were writing things really fast? 

When the time was up, what were you thinking? 


If this exercise brought a smile, or made you giggle or laugh, or excited you in any way…my point has been made! 


Journaling is a release! It’s a way to release you inner-most thoughts without fear of judgment, ridicule or comment. 


When you re-visit it, it puts things into perspective, allows you to analyze your feelings and chart your progress in thought. Eventually, it will allow you to chart your progress in life!

It allows you to

  • Focus,
  • Understand,
  • Clarify,
  • Solve &
  • Resolve…

…because you are connecting with your values, the things that are important to you. You are getting in touch with your emotions, the way you truly feel. And most important of all, you are defining your goals, and the path you are taking in life. Where will it lead? 


Take the time, each day, to make a small entry in your journal. You create the kind of journal it will be, and you can re-create it as often as you like! Some examples are: visualization

  1. A Gratitude Journal – things you’re thankful for, or that make you happy 
  2. A Goal-setting Journal – things you want to do 
  3. A Daily-tasks Journal – things you have to do 


Use a notebook, binder, napkinswhatever you long as you Use a Journal to keep your desires & goals on track…so that You will manifest what you focus on!

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