Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep, Naturally!

Sleep to me was always a real-life nightmare. I never looked forward to my bedtime because 9 times out of 10, I would get a restless night’s sleep and wake up feeling lethargic and gloomy.

Do you have nights like this?                          


We all know sleep is important, but few people realize that not getting enough sleep pretty much neutralizes the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

When we sleep, protein production takes place that provides the necessary building blocks for cell growth and repair: The body recovers from stress damage, damage caused by ultraviolet rays and immunity is boosted.

Without sufficient rest the body is weakened, exposing us to greater risk of poor health.

Lack of sleep also wreaks havoc with our hormones.  

The good news is that it’s easy to improve the quality of your sleep. Most cases of poor quality sleep and insomnia can be cured using six core steps, as documented in Peter Litchfield’s book Six Steps To Sleep.

Litchfield discovered this methodology during his quest to cure insomnia, a condition that plagued his life for 15 years.

His story is pretty remarkable.

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Since following his advice, the quality of my sleep has improved threefold. I feel super-energized having followed his six core steps for the past few weeks, and I’ve recommended the book to a number of friends who are always moaning that they “Didn’t sleep well”.

In addition to the book, which is 100 odd pages of insightful advice and personal research, are three meditation audios designed to train your brain for relaxation and sleep. I won’t get into the technology here, but I love listening to these audios after those long, high-energy days when my mind just won’t settle down.

If you have trouble sleeping, or wouldn’t mind getting improving your sleep and overall health, I highly recommend Six Steps To Sleep.

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Live a better, happier, healthier life this year! Go now to Six Steps To Sleep, and meanwhile, enjoy this Free Meditation download!