What Does Wealth-Building Look Like?

Want wealth?


What does your day look like?    make-things-happen

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, promising thousands of dollars in weeks or months, and even claiming to do it for you, on “auto-pilot.”


Get-Rich-Quick-515x400          Fact is, nothing gained like that is lasting or rewarding!

Building wealth, building a business? You look busy.

It looks challenging. It forces you to think, to decide, to act.   


Building wealth is never done with “auto-pilot.” Hand-outs and freebies are nice.   FACT: The satisfaction of achieving something that challenges the spirit brings lasting, true happiness!


That said,

  1. Take your time reading, studying and learning everything you can about Your Industry, industry trends, future projections, and your competition.


  1. Seek-out like-minded Business professionals every opportunity, joining Meet-Ups, online communities and forums, community groups & associations!


  1. Ask questions if you need help, or support, using both offline and online resources, Audios, Videos, Webinars, books, e-books, industry magazines, and the like!


Look…let’s cut to the chase, and get to the point:

Doing the mundane, sometimes even boring, but routine habits that build wealth, far benefits doing nothing at all. And these are the very things that end-up bringing the benefits! 

Want wealth?


  • Now, do all you can to take action to make it happen.


Keep striving! 



Power of Positive Thinking

Does the Law of Attraction Work for Everybody?

Does the Law of Attraction really Work? Does it work for everybody, regardless of who you are?



“Whatever you want, when you pray, believe that it is coming to you, (“Believe that you have received it,”) and you will have it.”  Saint Mark 11:24

The Son of God, in the person of Jesus Christ, taught that…

         …the power of belief works to attract into our reality, those things that we think about! 


“What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Saint Mark 11:24


Life-Changing Meditations                

There is no reason to be without … to live in want…to experience scarcity. 

 Do you Have a deep desire? 


Try God. Believe. Pray….

onlyOne                                 Pray…. Then… 


Do this: 

  1. Write down on paper the thing you want.
  2. Turn the paper onto the other side, & list steps toward making it happen…leaving space between each step.
  3. Now, go through each step, & fill-in the details that need to happen to make each step occur.
  4. Now, refine your list, be specific about what needs to happen…framing an even-more detailed list…AND now


If you truly believe that you have already received the thing you desire, your actions will reflect it.  


Think it, Do it, & Have it! Be Grateful! givingthanks